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Experts believed that insects would become extinct in the dry season of December 2019, but the unusual rains brought the invasion to an unexpectedly dangerous level. The assassination of George Floyd sparked many protests and riots in 2020, both in the US and around the world..

On Monday March 9, 2020, the market collapsed on its worst trading day since 2008. This was especially noticeable on February 24, when global stocks depreciated amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Dow Jones Industries average dropped below 1000 points (3.5%), S&P 500 dropped 3.3%, NASDAQ-100 dropped 3.7%.

Make a note of how you intend to use this force in a new way that day. People in the study who did so increased their happiness and decreased their symptoms of depression over the weekend. Even after six months, these benefits were still strong. Think in detail about your clear vision for the future such as career, relationships, health, hobbies and write it down..

The global market had a similar impact, with the FTSE 100 dropping 3.3% and the Italian FTSE MIB by 6%. Stock prices have continued to plummet this week with downturns above 3,500 points. Stocks were recovered the following week but later in the week of March 2, The East Asian market remained relatively stable, but stock prices began to decline. Depending on GDP measurements, the US or China have the largest economy, but China is expected to outperform the US by 2033 in both nominal and equitable purchasing power..

As research suggests, you’ll be happier than you are now imagining that your life is going well. If you encounter a problem that gets out of hand, you should rate the good part of the situation rather than being upset. For example, instead of highlighting traffic jams, remember how convenient it is to have a car. Use the time holding the handle to listen to the music and programs you like. This means there is one failure and we expect the worst to happen..

NASA launched the Patience Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter Drone on July 30, 2020 As part of the Mars 2020 mission in search of signs of ancient life on Mars. The space company SpaceX sent two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station on May 30, 2020. The company has completed its crew’s orbital space flight. In response to the announcement, the DJIA futures market fell by more than 1,300 points, suspending trading that day. This decline will be confirmed the next day, March 9, as the biggest daily change in the index history..

The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be held in France a second time as one host and a third as co-host. The second Olympics will be held in Tokyo. The game schedule, originally scheduled for July-August 2020, has changed Summer 2021 By COVID-19 Pandemic. The Trump Administration passed a bill on June 12, 2020 to remove protection from discrimination against LGBTQ people in US healthcare and health insurance..

By exercising, you can add more positive thinking to your life and benefit from optimism. each Once a week, think about your strengths such as kindness, organization, discipline, and creativity..

Little things make big days

On January 12, the Tar volcano in the Philippines erupted with a force of VEI 4, causing heavy volcanic ash in the area, killing at least three people. A huge herd of desert locusts threatened to swallow much of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Parallel to the COVID-19 pandemic, it poses a great threat to billions of people that could be affected..

India is currently the fifth largest economy and is expected to soon overtake Germany and Japan. The fall in oil prices is likely to cause Saudi Arabia to fall in the rankings. The world population is likely to grow by a billion, and the number of giant cities of over 10 million could increase, mainly in developing countries. Developing countries, including Brazil and Indonesia, as well as China and India, have the potential for the fastest economic growth in the next decade. Areas of economic interest are climate change, artificial intelligence, sustainable energy development, trade, refugees and resource conflicts..